1. Safe

DermGEN arrives at the bedside sterile. The clinician simply peels open the inner packaging and can utilize it immediately.

  1. Highly effective

DermGEN is highly effective at wound healing because it retains the inherent  properties  and  benefits  of  human  tissue,  but  has  been freed of donor cellular components and bacterial contaminants that may cause rejection, inadequate healing or infection.

DermGEN delivers faster and more complete wound healing. Pre-clinical studies have validated the ability of DermGENto heal and clinical testing initiated in early 2016 to treat diabetic ulcers has shown very good results.

  1. Easy to use

Other more costly products can require clinicians to thaw or rehydrate the tissue through a series of soakings and washings that can take up to 30 minutes. In contrast, DermGEN is provided to the clinician in a sterile, peel-back pouch and is ready to use immediately upon opening.

  1. Low cost

DermGEN  is  produced  based  on  the  world wide patented  technology  of  DeCell Technologies Inc. through its efficient production process that requires less capital and labour costs than competitors. DermGEN’s proprietary, automated closed processing system ensures reproducible treatment of tissue, ensuring quality, minimizing manual handling and maintaining sterility.

Diabetic Ulcer treated with one application of DermGEN™ healed at 12 weeks.

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