Advanced Technology for Advanced Healing

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What is DeCell Technologies Inc.?

DeCell Technologies Inc. is an emerging biomedical device manufacturer that is developing advanced tissue products for use in wound healing and surgical reconstructions. DeCell Technologies’ main facilities are located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Our patented, innovative technology processes donated human tissue removing cellular components (source of rejection) while leaving the structural matrix of the tissue intact. During processing, potential bacteria and viruses are also deactivated and removed resulting in a sterile, safe, and effective biological scaffold that promotes tissue regeneration when implanted into a patient. Unique automated manufacturing equipment developed in-house ensures quality and consistency of our product at a low cost.

At present, we are addressing the unmet need of treating chronic foot ulcers in diabetic patients, however, our platform technology can also provide wound healing solutions for other chronic wounds, burn victims, and surgical reconstructions.


November 6th, 2019

RegenMed Announces Launch of DermGEN™ in Canada

in Partnership with DeCell Technologies

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